Affordable Royalty Free Music for Your Content

Find the perfect track for your video marketing and podcasts.

Find the Perfect Music

This is Due North Audio.

The only place to get affordable royalty free music for your film, commercial, promotional video or podcast, straight from the musician.

It’s an exciting time. So many creative people are making their own paths and choosing the direction to take their projects and business startups. Whether you are an indie film maker, small business owner or podcaster, you know what this feeling is like. Due North Audio is built off of the same idea and can help provide audio solutions and royalty free music for your projects. Whatever direction your projects take you, Due North Audio is here to help.

Learn more about what we offer, visit the How It Works page and peruse the site to listen to our material.

Featured Royalty Free Music For This Month:

Deck the Halls
Decimate the Gates
One Fine Lass
Worried Walking Blues
Open Seas
Preparing a Prank
Hustlin' for that Bentley
What Child is This?
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